Here’s two-faced Janus, roman god of doorways, standing in between us and the year to come. As he motions us through the wide-open entrance to 2019, we thought we’d take a quick glance over our shoulder at some of the new products and services that defined 2018 for our team at index-d and Better Building Hardware.

AGS : Frameless Door Profiles


The trend for frameless openings became a real “thing” this year, especially in our high-end residential projects. Designers and builders looked to us to help crack this tough nut. They’ve been using systems that already exist on the market here and were seeing failure sometimes only a couple of years after completion.

After reviewing many of the available systems out there, the answer to this often challenging detail was the AGS system of aluminum extruded frames, integrated mesh and connectors. Specifically, for we think their TUS and TUT profiles are worth your consideration.


Too much to go into it here but download this quick overview if you’re ready to get shamelessly Frameless:

AGS - TUT+TUS General Overview

For the moment, we are only offering AGS to architects and builders that engage index-d on a Complete Project Fulfillment basis. Call us to discuss your project or email : PROJECTS@index-d.com

Sun Valley Bronze : Minimalist Collection


This was the year index-d began to present to its mainly modern-leaning architects the Minimalist and Contemporary collections from the ever-innovative bronze hardware masters at Sun Valley Bronze. The undeniable richness of a bronze option for those looking to keep their trim visually spare allows us to expand our clients’ palette. Sun Valley’s technical chops and attention to detail serves their projects

We are very proud to be collaborating with Sun Valley’s team to offer their industry-recognized quality to our clients. If you have a project where Sun Valley Bronze might be a perfect fit, please give us a call : +1-877-777-0592 x40

Or email : PROJECTS@index-d.com

FritsJurgens : System M


By far, our most pivotal product of the year both online and in the project space was the introduction of System M. A huge step up in sophistication from their previous adjustable pivot+closer, FritsJurgens brought us something truly revolutionary. First, it’s entirely mortised in the door rather than requiring an in-floor closer and all the cost and hassle that those closers entail (see here for a comparison with Dorma or Rixson).

Dual-acting doors up to 660 lbs…exterior or interior doors…wood or metal…Maintenance-free…adjustable closing speed…great for retrofits…that System M now fits in a 1-3/4” thick door is just gravy.


And just this month FritsJurgens announced they are ready to ship newly-tested ADA-compliant models, called Friendly Access. If your project requires universal design for its openings, give us a call. We now have a specification-grade closer for you.

Krownlab : Rorik Shower Enclosure System


Our love affair with Krownlab’s clean and simple aesthetic got hotter and heavier with their introduction this year of two new sliding systems. The RORIK shower door enclosure system. With a 300lb. capacity (that’s a 3’x8’ piece of 1/2” glass), this solution features No Visible Fasteners, a fully-adjustable rail for quick and accurate installation, and the industry's most generous warranty. 

Plus the system allows for an ADA-compliant 36” wide clear opening.

Corner and Alcove systems are offered in Satin Stainless and Stain Black finishes.

And, made in the USA in Portland, Oregon.

See all of Krownlab’s offerings HERE.

Call us for configuration and pricing.

Whether you’re just settling in to the New Year or reading this in the years to come, we want you to know that it is our privilege to work with the best designers and builders out there (like you), helping to specify useful solutions like these so that better built environments can be realized more efficiently.


Hope to hear from you this year.