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Hand-crafted with the highest quality materials, award-winning Sun Valley Bronze creates the world's finest architectural hardware from their foundry in Bellevue, Idaho. You may not instantly associate bronze with a sleeker, modernized aesthetic, but we're excited to show you that Sun Valley Bronze does it seamlessly.

With collections like their Minimalist and Contemporary lines, among many others, Sun Valley Bronze offers sturdy, enduring hardware with innovation and style. But the strength behind Sun Valley Bronze isn't just in the bronze; it’s also in their finishes. Make your selection from a gradation of white and silicon-bronze patinas, and be reminded that beauty is sometimes found on the surface!

Sun Valley Bronze embodies charm.

Their hardware invites your gaze and welcomes your touch.

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To break it down, Sun Valley Bronze has two types of bronze to choose from: Silicon Bronze and White Bronze.

Silicon Bronze has warmer, golden or brownish tones, while White Bronze has cooler gray tones.

Within these two categories, there are different levels of patina or treatment:

S and W are raw, untreated bronze finishes. These are the most textured and durable of all.

S1 and W1 are burnished with no patina applied.

The higher the number (S2, S3, W2, W3), the longer your hardware is soaked in its patina bath, and the darker it will be.

You can have your Silicon or White Bronze polished (SP, WP), which results in a smooth, shiny finish.

And if that isn’t enough, all of Sun Valley Bronze’s hardware can be cast in brass, with either a polished (BP) or burnished (B1) finish.