A little while back Hawa introduced the Concepta system. This was Hawa's response to a growing programmatic desire to create rooms within rooms that can then "hide away" when not in use.

With Hawa's FOLDING CONCEPTA 25, the Swiss manufacturer has expanded its smooth and quiet scissor technology to allow for flush folding pocket doors of up to 55lbs to create an opening up to 9' 2-1/4"wide.

Once open, these doors are pocketed out of the way (without jamming) and the full width of the space is accessible.

As shown in the disappearing kitchen below, when combined with the Hawa's CONCEPTA, the possible configurations are great for residential, hospitality and corporate interiors. There is nothing else out there that can match all that this system delivers. 

The three primary configurations:

  • Walk-in systems with no track on the floor.
  • Cabinets that reach from floor to ceiling with a bottom profile. 
  • Half-height solutions (see below) with doors starting at counter level and going to the ceiling.