With everything we offer, we often get asked:

"So, how do I work with Index-d?"

Good question. And many answers. 

We speak every day to a wide spectrum of customers from homeowners looking to hang their hat on a hook, to multi-national construction firms looking to hang a one-ton door. 

The right answer for you mainly depends on whether you are:  


looking for a single product or solution (e.g. a touch latch, sliding door hardware, cabinet pulls, etc.)



managing a project that requires Index-d's experts to help integrate multiple products (e.g. complete hardware specification and fulfillment).


There are obvious gray areas for sure, so if you have a question as to which scenario is best for you, please don't hesitate to call and we will steer you to the right team. 


There are actually two modes in this scenario : 

MODE A : I really know exactly what I want, please show me where I can buy it right now. 

For this first mode, we created Better Building Hardware.

You will notice this little button throughout the index-d site :


Click this button and you will be brought directly to that product's page on our e-commerce site : 


On BetterBuildingHardware.com you can :

read up on your products, download product information and installation instructions, and when you're ready, you can buy it.

We are devoted to getting these products to you as fast as possible. Our customer service team is ready to help you check that item off your punch list as soon as possible. 

While you're there, you might want to look around because there are more best-in-class solutions than you will find on the index-d site (Why, you ask?).

You might find other products that work well with the one you're buying. You might find something you wish you'd known about three months ago. 

The goal behind creating Better Building Hardware was to provide a place where anyone could buy great building hardware easily while educating themselves on the best solutions out there for the challenges they face as designers and builders. 

Our expert customer service team is ready to help you whenever you need clarification on a spec, require installation advice, or have a question about lead times. 


MODE B : I could use a little help in understanding my options so I end up with the right product and save a bunch of time and hassle.


you have a product specified on a hardware schedule but the name is not exactly what you see on our site

or your finish options are not clear, 

or we are showing it out of stock and you would like to know when it'll be available,

or you'd like to speak to someone about best practices installing the product,

or you need help deciding between two similar products,

For situations like these, you have a few options : 

  • Give us a call on the Better Building Hardware hotline : +1-888-636-1627
  • Chat us via our chat bot on any page of BetterBuildingHardware.com
  • Fill out this form and we will get back to you right away : 





On BetterSlidingLadders, you will get a detailed review of the features and options of our wide range of ladder solutions. You will also find information on how to reach our team of sliding ladder pros. We've seen it all.


IF YOU ARE A MILLWORKER, or work for a millwork company, we understand very well your special challenges and needs from over a decade of working with the best shops across North America. Index-d is here to work with you on sourcing and delivering quotations on jobs of any size. Please call us and ask for Lori Riddile to discuss setting you up for 


This is what index-d was built to do. 

Index-d applies expertise with an openness to the intent of the designer and the many challenges that

We have close relationships with many more manufacturers than are shown on our site. This allows us to be nimble and imaginative in solving the stickier problems, while we deliver solid, comprehensive door hardware specifications for projects of any size. We are solidly at the high-end of the market and bend our eyes toward the modern. More than anything, we can't help ourselves: we are crazy about hardware.

Before we agree to work with an architect, builder, or developer on a project we try to make sure we understand as much as possible about where the project stands, who is involved, and where we can be most useful to everyone involved. 

If you would like to see if we would be a good fit for your project, please fill out the following form.


What you can expect from our process :

1. What is the status of the project? Are you an architect in the first stages of design development? Are you a builder with semi-developed hardware schedule with doors arriving on Monday? What is the current schedule for delivery of the doors to the site? It's good to know where things stand. 

2. Can we help you? We can pretty much fill any spec that comes our way. We have close relationships with the best hardware manufacturers in the world, most of whom are flexible and inventive. We can deliver on any project. The question is whether, on balance, we are best positioned to develop and fulfill the requirements of your project in the most efficient way. We don't want to delay you in finding a fitting partner, so this is an important first question.

3. Who is involved? Who is ultimately purchasing the hardware for the different parts of the project? Who is responsible for installation? How is the bidding going to proceed? We pride ourselves on moving critical information efficiently throughout the project. For us this is best done when we understand everyone's responsibilities and expectations. 

4. What documents are available? From the first, drawings, schedules and whatever other project documentation you can share will help us determine quickly whether we are a good fit for you. Once we determine that your project is one we want to evaluate further, we will need to review current documentation concerning all the applicable openings  

5. Does your project have the budget for the hardware we would likely specify? We work with many of the best architects and builders in North America. In order to deliver the highest-performing solutions to their projects, we rely on the best hardware manufacturers in the world. We are great at working to a budget and finding creative ways to bring value to a project, but the products we tend to specify require a commitment to  . Part of our early evaluation will be to quickly provide a ballpark estimate of the hardware package to help set expectations that will allow us all to deliver the best possible result to the owner. 

6. Is there a budget for hardware consulting services? We are often brought in early in the design process by designers and builders who have worked with us before and understand the value of our involvement in the early planning. If the development of a comprehensive hardware schedule is to be part of what we bring to your project, we will determine an appropriate fee for the delivery of that document and terms for payment. Every project is different, and we will work with you to build an agreement about our role in yours. But we are pretty sure that it will be evident to you and everyone involved that our involvement and our documentation saves time and money by organizing the work and quickly creating consensus through clear communication of the information. For us this is the key to success throughout the remainder of the project.