We should pause and consider any project that wishes to use ACTIVE T-handles. The normal slop/margin in the lock hub between the fit of the spindle and the play in the movement of the hub itself can translate to a few degrees of tilt. This would not be noticed for a knob because of its shape. And often it wouldn’t be noticed for a lever. For T-handles with really straight, clean lines, this can be very noticeable -- not just for the T-handle but also for the turn piece if there is privacy or deadbolt function. This means we have to think through and probably mock up the desired T-handle (and turn piece) in the desired lock and check the springing and alignment.

When I recently talked with Mark Gallo (Accurate Lock) about a bronze T-handle (unsprung) that needed to be on a 9125 passage mortise latch, he suggested specifying the lock as Knob x Knob with a #3 spring because of the weight of the T-handle. For the alignment of the deadlock/turn piece down below, he suggested using a 9503 deadlock and noting on the PO that we would need to ensure that the turn piece would be perfectly aligned. This is something Accurate is well aware of with the turn piece hubs and have not yet remedied… but they will if they know it will be an issue on a project, so we have to take care to communicate this.

…I should comment later on a FORMANI T-handle project that I saw installed with Nemeth locks. The turn pieces were perfectly straight, but a few of the T-handles were off by a few degrees. There was no problem with the locks themselves or the broach of the T-handles, but there was just a little bit of play with the hub, enough to be noticeable. There is no easy fix for this one. But there are some things that can be done if necessary.

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